Personal Training
from the inside out

The Pure Energy Training Process

Be Fit By Design with 6 phases of Personal Training From the Inside Out.

Clients agree it is the intellegent way of getting healthy and fit.
Because it is designed to not only get you fit, but bring out the best in all your talents and abilities.

Pure Energy Training
ia a  fusion of physical fitness and the universal laws with some high intensity common sense and creative fun! A Purely energizing strategic periodization plan especially designed and personalized for those of us who have had life throw us a few too many curve balls. Pure energy is in essence training to hit those curve balls out of the park. 

Complimentarry Health Screening and Custom Exercise Integration Specializing in Body Weight Based Exercises, TRX Suspension Training,  Self Defense Techniques, Yoga/Pilates Mix, Sport Conditioning and Injury Prevention.

The 6 Phases of Pure Energy

Personal Training from the Inside Out
Spirit Mind Body

Spirit Mind Body

Experience the Spirit Mind Body Connection

Does Your Psychological Strength Compete with Your Physical Strength?
What ever the mind resists will persist. Learn how to be in alignment with your spirit, the heart/brain communication and your true self. Let go of resistence by understanding your core beliefs about your identity, your behavior, what you allow yourself to do, the rules you have, expectations of others and your perception of the world. 

Setting a Benchmark for Physical Health
Assessment, testing and analysis of your current level of health will help you clearly define and break down your ultimate goal. This includes both the physical and psychological components you need to establish a well managed and balanced program.

Master mind Balance Body

Master Mind and Balance Body

 Posture and Balance Energy Flow

The Architecture of Your Body
The wonder and beauty of the human body is a gift to be appreciated no matter what imperfections you may find. Creating a transformation requires your ability to build a solid foundation and a solid foundation starts with a precise blueprint. Be Fit by Design programs are like custom blueprints designed especially for you to activate the spirit, mind, and body connection to your higher self and all the good you desire.

Learn Self-Correcting Techniques to Protect Your Spine and Prevent Injury
Doing any activity out of alignment will eventually cause future problems. One of the most common is back and knee injuries! The alignment of your body in motion correlates to the length tension relationships between working and opposing muscles which effects dynamic posture during our every day physical activities. In other words, how you get up, stand, walk, sit, reach, lift, and bend effects your posture and the flow of energy throughout your body.

Cardio Rhythm & Flexibility

Cardio Rhythm & Flexibility

Raise Your Vibration

Heart and Brain Communication
Understand the Importance of Heart Rate Variability and learn how this effects your actions in reaching your goals. Learn what you can do to increase coherence. Create a high vibration level that opens up your consciousness to enlightenment. Increase endurance, stamina, adherence and resiliency.

Freedom of Movement
Improve your energy flow, patterns of thought and range of motion. Prevent injury with specific flexibility exercises tailored for your health and wellbeing. 

Heart Healthy Nutrition
Balance nutrition to match your energy expenditure. Learn all about heart healthy nutrition and why it is not the same for everyone. Know what to eat that is right for your specific needs.

Form Technique Build Ultimate confidence

Form Technique

Condition Your Muscles & Build Ultimate Confidence

Safe Effective Conditioning
Creative and fun exercises build your imagination, improve awareness in correcting your form so you exercise safely. Protect your joints and effectively strengthen your muscles to be balanced and coordinated in motion.

Spirit Mind Body in Harmony
Awaken your senses with techniques to synchronize your thoughts with your body in motion. Gain better performance while clarifying the details of your goal.

Skill Progression Advanced Training Techniques

Skill Progression

Advanced Strength Techniques

Target Specific Goals 
Challenge spirit mind and body by combining the best of your abilities from the first four training phases.

Increase Stamina, Strength and Resiliency
Sharpen your focus and ability to maintain your form with advanced methods of training. Develop your reflexes, increase your reaction speed and learn how to prevent injury.
(mastery of "form technique" required before doing this phase of training).

Maximum Gains and Maintenance

Maximum Gains

Your at the Top of Your Game

Congratulations on Your Success! 
At this phase you are In alignment with positive energy but you may have reached a plateau. This phase trains you how to maintain your success and prevent losing all you have gained. You will learn methods of training to advance your skills with creative flair that broadens your imagination. Enhance your ability to bring out the very best in all your talents and abilities.

What my Fantastic Clients Say

These are just a few of many testimonials I have received over the years.

"High Praise"

"Donna earns high praise from me!!! At 40-something I “was” a sporadic exerciser at best, yet I signed on to ride in the PMC, the challenging 192 mile cycling fundraiser . . . and then panicked! I contacted Donna via email in the very early morning hours and received a call back that day. She is a great listener, and reassured me that my goal could be met in the very few short months we had before the event. Donna designed a plan specifically for me! She helped me work out the kinks, overcome my limitations with ease, and develop a positive mindset; and she made it fun!!! Donna is extremely positive, has a “whole”-istic strategy to health and wellness, getting it done with patience and enthusiasm! She really turned this anti-gym, anti-workout person around. I use Donna’s techniques daily and feel like a new person. I’m very thankful I found her!!" 

"Love Ya Baby!!!"

I worked with Donna for 12 weeks and I have to say she has completely changed my life for the better. I feel stronger than I have in years,"

"Motivated and Inspired!!!"
Everything about my program was awesome. Donna did a great job developing a program that worked for me. I am thrilled with my results and highly motivated to continue." 

About the Trainer

Personal Trainer Credentials, Specialties, Certifications and Education

Donna Marchand

Health/Fitness Coach
and Creative Partner
C: 603.759.9162

Over 10  years of experience implementing custom fitness programs, workshops, seminars and boot camps. Choreographed Integration of core, balance, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercises specific to client needs.

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Motivational Coaching
and Inspiration Design

Creative Health/Fitness  
Custom Program Design
Life Coaching/Mentoring
Core Strength Training
Preventing Injury
Suspension Training
Choreographed Body Sculpting Circuits
Boot Camp Design and Instruction
Kempo Style Shadow Boxing with Self Defense Techniques
Yoga/Pilates Mix 


Continuing Education

Program Design
Functional Integrated Training
Reebox Movement Screens
Core Stability Training 
Self Defense Empower Training
Nutrition Workshops 1-3 
Fit Play
Youth Fitness
Effective Strength Training Sports Injury Guidance
Abs Revealed
TRX Suspension Training
First Aid and CPR/AED)



American Council on Exercise LIC: T73718 2001

Boston University
(TSI) Town Sports International

North Eastern University B.A.  Communications/Commercial Art and Computer Graphics

Childhood Education Elective


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