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Specialized Services
with Confidential Care
South County Area Rhode Island

Specialized Services
with Confidential Care

Private Caregiver/personal trainer and wellness coach establishes a trusting atmosphere/raport through understanding individual physical challenges, strengths, expectations, style of learning, and way of living a more joyful life.


Daily Care
compassion, dignity  integrity

• Supportive nurturing care
with guidance and compassion
• Assistance with hygiene care
• Organize schedule, plans and appointments
• Drive to appointments or help with arrangements

• Going over eating preferences
• Review any known alergys
ie, gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, etc.
• Educate about healthy Nutrition and portion control
• Help with shopping, meal preparation,

art therapy

indoor and outdoor

• Arts & Crafts
• Games
• Journaling
• Scrap-Booking
• Letter Writting
• Reading
• Gardening
• Other Hobby

• Coordinate events
• Understand client preferences
• Network and identify potential opportunities
• Plan and choose best options to match client needs
(ie:, Ensure event location has handicap accommodations)

private personal training

Personal Training
spirit, mind, body

• Health & Fitness Evaluation
• Define Your Ultimate Goal
• Design a Custom Program
• Correct Muscle Imbalances
• Balance Calorie Needs
• Increase Endurance
• Gain Optimal Strength
• Improve Range of Motion
• Establish Confidence
• Broaden Positive Thinking
• Break Free From Doubt
• Advance Past Plateaus
• Attain Progressive Results
• Be Self Assured Every Day.

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Be Fit By Design personal Training and Wellness Coaching


Overnight Attendance
24/7 care

For a loved one who needs round the clock personal care and who can’t be left alone. Please call for availability.
We will go over your specific needs, any special requests and details. Then schedule time for an in-person interview to ensure it will be a good fit..

• Care competency, compassion, and reliability

• Seperate accommodations must be available. Private room and private bath for long term commitment.

Get more program details or schedule an interview.


Donna Marchand

You focus on all that makes you feel good. Yes, this may be easier said than done but where there is a will there is a way.

My greatest ability is to visualize ideas that make a positive difference in the lives of other people. I understand we are all unique and subjective to our enviornment. However, in most cases, I am able to assess the needs of others intuitively who may not be able to know what to do for themselves.

One small positive change is a stepping stone. For example, think of how one positive thought can lead to another. Change a thought to something that makes you smile, Opening the windows to let the sun shine in, going for a walk or scenic ride, listening to music, trying something new that you always wanted to do, healing meditations, corrective exercises to prevent injury, trying therapeutic arts and crafts.

The possibilities are endless with an open mind and a little creativity.

I am trained to help clients by utilizing a variety of methods appropriate to their unique needs and level of health and wellness. My custom programs are designed to to be safe and effective. Prevent injury with exercises to help with posture, balance, coordination, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular health and increasing range of motion through flexibility exercises.

In addition, I provide therapeutic arts and crafts projects utilizing my design degree. My love of music and adventurous spirit leads to creative event planning and fun outings.

I have over 15 years professional experience in assisting clients, who include children, adults and seniors to help increase their health and fitness as well as gain healthier perceptions, strengthen their relationships and bring out the best in their talents and all their abilities. 

"There are no limits to designing a thriving and joyful life!"

My educational background includes The American Council on Exercise (ACE) LIC: T73718 Personal Fitness training at Town Sports International, Human Rights Course Certification, CPR/AED (current) and B.A. in Communications and Commercial Art with Computer Graphics Certification from North Eastern University. See more certifications and learn how my style of training is all about personal training from the inside out.

IdentoGO Completed and Passed CORI check MorphoTrust USA

Donna Marchand

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