21 Days to
Be Fit By Your Design Interactive Guidebook

Personal Training
from the Inside Out

Learn the art of personal training spirit mind and body with solution-focused techniques that combine training physical and psychological strength every day.
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Be Fit By Your Design interactive guidebook is filled with over 30 pages of bright, colorful and fun step by step directions that can empower you to take control of your health and wellness. It is for your spirit and mind as well as your body. It is like having a trainer and life coach right by your side with support just a click away. Get to know Sam, the self assured model with examples and benefits of training. Learn six sound physical training phases with six 21 day challenges. Accomplish your goals with steady progress each and every day.
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Chapters are Organized by Phases of Training:

Learn Six Sound Physical Training Phases with Six 21 Day Challenges 
Accomplish your goals with steady progress each and every day. 


Mastermind and Balanced Body

21 Day Challenge #1
Complete Phases 1-3

Understand your core beliefs
Change Patterns of
Self-Limiting Behavior
Be 100% Clear
About What You Want
4 cues posture check system
(exercise safely)
Balance & Posture Test
Balance Your Inner World
with Your Outer World
Coordinate Motion Patterns
Exercise Positive Energy
Reflect A Positive Mirror Image


Mind Body Connection

Fitness Level Benchmarking
Learn by Sam's Examples
Set realistic, attainable goals
Follow Testing Guidelines
Test Heart Rate Recovery
Test Flexibility
Test Balance
Test Muscular Endurance
Test Muscular Strength
Schedule Re-Testing
Body Composition/Lean Mass
Set realistic and Ideal goals
Reference Sam's Log
Calculate Body Fat
Healthy Weight Classifications
Set up Daily Calorie Needs
Energy In VS. Energy Out
Nutrition Guidelines
Schedule Meal Planning
Healthy Food Resources at
Discounted Prices
Grocery Shopping Tips
21 Day Portion Control Challenge
Servings and Equivalents
Goals Defined with Clarity
Understand The Law of Attraction and Universal Laws
Be Inspired
Goals Defined 10 step Guide 


Cardio Rhythm & Flexibility

21 Day Cardio Sessions Challenge
Heart Rate Efficiency
Increase your Endurance
Prepare for Training
with Sam’s Example
Freedom of Movement
Learn the Swan Method
Increase Range of Motion


Form Technique

Body Awareness
Movement Efficiency
Coordinate Body Motion
Understand Your Proprioceptive Sense
(central nervous system)
21 Day Form Technique
Conditioning Challenge

Beginner or Advanced options


Skill Progression

Skill Progression Guideline
Target Specific Strength Goals
Set up Progressive Training
Sam's Example and Status
21 Day Skill Progression Challenge Building Strength


Maximum Gains

Advanced Strength Training Methods and plans
Active Rest Recovery Period
Apply Creative Training Style and Techniques
21 Day Maximum Strength
Gains Challenge

Rewards and Celebration

Author | Designer 
Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach

Donna Marchand

I believe there are three keys to success
Thinking, Feeling, and Visualizing that you have already reached your goals. Positive thoughts that you can truly feel and visualize will enable you to succeed. We have about 60,000 thoughts a day but learning to "FEEL" positive is the real secret to anyone's success.
If you're feeling bad and not sure why, become aware of the thoughts you have as well as the energies of others whose thoughts you may pick up on. Don't let negative thoughts take over. You are what you think and so shall you be.

You're spirit, mind and body connection is so important in physical training. Understanding your true potential to be the best you can be takes commitment. Learning safe effective and expert training techniques will empower you to enjoy the process.

You already have the power to succeed!

My educational background includes The American Council on Exercise (ACE) LIC: T73718  Personal Fitness training at Town Sports International, Human Rights Coarse Certification, CPR/AED (current) and B.A. in Communications and Commercial Art with Computer Graphics Certification from North Eastern University.

In appreciation of your purchase, you will receive a $50. Gift Certificate good for one to one personal training package of 3 sessions or more. 

Donna Marchand

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