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About the Coach
Donna Marchand, Holistic Wellness Coach, Designer, Motivator, CPT 
(NCCA accredited personal trainer)
Donna Marchand is a holistic wellness coach who specializes in creating motivating health and fitness programs. She combines the best of 20 years of professional experience coaching in the health, and fitness, graphic arts, and multi-media industries. 
Donna first gained experience utilizing her childhood education courses and gymnastic training. During high school, Donna worked exceptionally well with parents and their children as an assistant coach at youth gymnastics camps. 
Her intuitive nature enables her to understand individual physical challenges, strengths, and learning styles with respect and compassion. 
Donna accepted a position at Boston Sports Club in 2001, where she had specialized training at Town Sports International and was then certified through the American Council on Exercise by 2003. 
Soon after, Donna accepted the position of Creative Director for Atlantis Sports Club and Spa, utilizing her degree in commercial art and computer graphics.  This was in addition to private personal training for members with a variety of physical challenges to overcome adversity. She designed and conducted workshops on functional strength training, safety, injury prevention, and sound recommendations for sports nutrition.  Donna is also a TRX-certified suspension trainer and teaches self-defense techniques, shadow boxing, and yoga, pilates mix.
By 2010 Donna traveled doing contract training at private studios, park and recreation boot camps, and cross-fit circuits.  Her mission is to inspire and empower people to be creative and healthy with self-help techniques targeted at reaching individual goals. 
Currently, since 2021 private in-home therapeutic coaching programs are custom designed to meet the demands of individuals looking for a more therapy-based comprehensive health and fitness program. 
 Personal training to bring out the absolute best in one's talents and abilities in spirit, mind, and body to the level of simplicity.
I know how important it is to have no doubt you have hired a personal coach who is 100% committed to helping you achieve your health goals. Someone who has overcome their own, obstacles and really listens to your every need, and works with you to resolve health challenges. That’s why I design progressive self-help, professional quality coaching tools, and a comprehensive six-phase empowerment program that challenges you to be inspired and motivated every step of the way. 
- Donna Marchand, NCA, CPT

The following is a visual presentation highlighting milestones in Donna Marchand's career, her self-healing health and fitness philosophy, training programs she specializes in, her creative side, and the origins of her inspiration.
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