Self Awareness Increases Movement Efficiency
Challenge and condition your body physically and mentally by including kinesthetic training which encompasses the body's abilities to coordinate motion and awareness of where the body is in time and space. This is what is called training your proprioceptive sense.
The following tips will give you ideas to challenge your proprioceptive sense. This will help you to become more aware of your body when it is out of alignment so you can learn to correct it automatically to prevent injury.
Stance: Movements initiated from base of support. Braced abdominal wall with balanced weight distribution. See weight distribution test in the form technique phase of training and test your fitness level 
Balance Conditioning: On stable and unstable platform with eyes open and eyes closed.
Weight Transfer: Changes that take place with stance or postural shifts.
Constant Motion: Dynamic movements
Auditory System: Inner ear functions with head and neck balanced over spine.
Rhythm: Heart beat breathing patterns
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