What gets measured, gets managed
Be Fit By Design's "Fitness Level Testing Guide" is not about comparing yourself to averages, but is designed to initiate the mind and body connection so you can be empowered to set specific relevant goals and be inspired to do the exercises that will benefit you during everyday activities and the sports you love.
With this guide, you will become aware of how your body in motion affects your body alignment, your joints, and the energy flow of your body so you can make improvements.
Prevent injury by learning 4 cues to easily correct posture daily during everyday activities.
Test your stamina with exercise that not only improves your endurance but also improves walking gait, builds coordination, and core strength, energizes the body, calms the mind, releases stress, improves focus, clarity of thought, and more.
Flexibility and Balance
Testing your flexibility shows you what muscles you need to work to improve your range of motion and avoid stiffness. 
Strong muscles and flexible joints play a key role in our balance. Testing will show your body’s sense of balance and stability as well as the incentive to practice exercise for improvements.
Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance
Muscular strength tests how much force a muscle can generate in a single, maximal effort, and muscular endurance tests how long a muscle can continue to produce force.
Testing both will help you decide what strength goals to make.

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