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Meditation Holistic Healing and Manifestation
The section below reveals how higher consciousness manifests in your life through the seven spiritual centers or chakras. How life situations activate specific centers and meditating for optimum results. 
"Meditation is not a matter of trying to achieve ecstasy, spiritual bliss, or tranquility, nor is it attempting to be a better person. It is simply the creation of a space in which we are able to expose and undo our neurotic games, our self-deceptions, our hidden fears and hopes."
- Chogyam Trungpa 
Your Energy Centers and Your Health
The energy centers or chakras, which comes from a Sanskrit term meaning “wheel” that is seen as spinning wheels of light by those with the ability to see subtle energy. The spiritual centers are relative to the endocrine glands being both physical and spiritual. Whereby the operation of the endocrine system is linked to physical health.
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The following vibrational centers are based on the "Father of Holistic Medicine" Edgar Cayce readings and includes transcript excerpts from a reading of Edgar Cayce's Awakening Your Seven Spiritual Centers. 
Healing of the physical without the change in the mental and spiritual aspects brings little real help to the individual in the end. How true, because the mind and the body imprint and imitate each other. What we think, we become. What we become, we think. It's an insidious process that can predispose us to illness or it can lead us to health. - Edgar Cayce
Root: This center is associated with the reproductive glands. It is characterized by the color red, the tone on the musical scale of Do (262 Hz) and the element earth. 
The symbol connected are a bull or calf. This center is relative to survival of the species through physical reproduction and individual survival through the necessities of life. 
Lower Abdomen: The glands are linked to the first and second chakras.  The color is orange, the tone on the musical scale of Re (417 Hz) and it is especially related to the polarities of life, the balance of masculine and feminine aspects within us all and the balance of yin and yang, between passive and active and patterns of thinking feeling and acting. It is relative to our interpersonal relationships.  This is the chakra related to the souls impulse toward wholeness and opposites coming together. Sexuality is a part of that process and so symbols of physical union tie into this center as well.
Solar Plexus: This center is represented by the color yellow, the tone is Mi (330 Hz) and the element fire. It is linked to the adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys. A lion or any great cat are universal symbols for this center. This is the chakra of personal power.
The adrenal gland is actually a gland within a gland. The outer gland produces a wide variety of hormones that affect the reproductive system such as blood sugar, and the concentration of minerals in the blood. The inner part secretes two hormones, noradrenaline and the well known adrenaline and what we feel when under stress and a rush of energy. 
Tiny amounts of hormones can have an extraordinary impact on the body with adrenaline, heart rate, blood pressure, increase of respiration and the digestion of food is temporarily suspended. 
The slightest thought of fear or anger can trigger this effect. It is associated with the use of power at a personal and material world level. In its negative expression it can be anger, resentment or fear.
In its healthy expression it provides the personal power for courage and initiative. 
Center of Love:  This center is represented by the green color spectrum, the tone Fa (349 Hz) , the element is air and the eagle or any bird can serve as the symbol. Located near the lungs and associated with the thymus gland located right behind the breastbone. 
The thymus gland produces a hormone that stimulates the production of lymphocyte cells that help the body to fight infection. 
It is the center for love at a human level as distinguished from the universal love. Associated with the seventh center. When this center is clouded by misunderstanding and confusion it can be felt as envy, jealousy or even more often worry. 
Center of the Voice/Throat: This spiritual center is symbolized by the color blue and tone Sol (392 Hz). It is located in the throat area and linked to the thyroid gland which surrounds the windpipe. Symbolic of a far off goal and in the spiritual quest we come to a point where we need to surrender personal will to a higher will. In christian imagery this is the cross but could also go hand in hand with the crown.
The thyroid gland secretes hormones such as thyroxine that control the metabolism rate in the body. When the thyroid is not functioning well, a person often develops swelling or goiter in the area as the gland tries to readjust. 
This center is associated with free will. If expressed negatively it can produce willfulness and stubbornness for some and others indecisiveness. When expressed in a healthy way, one can make independent decisions but be responsive and obedient to a higher will. It's the chakra of will, decision making, personal identity and the will to seek.   
Top of the Head: The color here is indigo and the tone is La (440 Hz)​​​​​​​. This center is associated with the pineal gland located right at the center of the brain. The top of the head and down through the very center of higher mind, the mind of the universal Christ where intellect and intuition blend harmoniously.
The pineal gland secretes the hormone melatonin and the production of this hormone is directly influenced by light striking the eyes. There is a biological link between the hormones of the sixth and second chakras relative to the Kundalini energy among the chakras. 
The symbol is the higher mind, ancient wisdom, or the wise older person.  Here is where there is soul memory, even of past life experiences.  This is the chakra of universal Christ nature. 
Keep the Pineal Gland operating and you will Never grow Old, You will always be Young. – Edgar Cayce
Forehead: the highest center in terms of consciousness associated with oneness and divine love. It is the center of spiritual healing. The color here is violet and the note is high do (523 Hz). 
This center is associated with the pituitary gland, the master gland of the body. The pituitary gland produces a set of master control hormones that influence the other endocrine centers. The pituitary sits in a boney cup surrounded mostly by sinus cavities. 
Some meditators speculate that deep breathing exercises and chanting may directly affect the pituitary and therefore this highest chakra as well as the spiritual centers which are always active in functioning but not necessarily in a balanced and healthy way when blocked or closed off. 
NOTE: Teachings about the location of the sixth and seventh centers are often contradictory with contrasting points of view. Some sources insist that it's the 6th chakra that is found at the forehead but since the activities of these two chakras are so closely tied to each other it may be best to go with the Tibetan system that considers them as a single complex. 
Visual Symbology then for these two chakras is probably mingled. It includes mountain top or man-made efforts to extend upwards in search of the divine Cathedral, pyramid, the sun or any form of light.
Meditation and the Lord's Prayer
This is based on the Lords prayer specifically linked to the chakras. It is not the only way to meditate, however Cayce indicates that it is a powerful, yet safe way to focus attention on the center's.  
The first four centers relate to our experiences as physical beings in materiality, the earthly side of us. 
The three upper centers or chakras correspond to the divine aspect of us all.
All the Centers should Open Naturally
According to Cayce, All the centers should open naturally of their own accord. He references the book of revelations (comparison to the 7 seals) to not try to force the 7 chakras to open because it may not be in our best interest for them to open prematurely. 
The way to consciously work with the flow of energy through the center's is to trust as we mature spiritually, then we can expect them to open and give us more intense experiences when we are ready and can handle them. 
Cayce goes on to explain, for the Lord's Prayer to work, we need to first see how energy flows among the chakras. 
Remember, the spiritual centers are points of contact for the flow of spiritual energy in two ways: 
First there are the channels by which the invisible spirit world is connected to the physical world. 
Second, there is a flow of energy from one chakra to another in a network that connects them.
Chakra Energy Flow
Cayce suggests that rather than the Kundalini (eastern philosophies) energy moving up and subsequently activating the chakras from the lower to highest, we move the energy directly from the first and second center up to the two highest ones like an express train that doesn't make all the local stops. This creative life force can be lifted directly to the pineal center. 
Think of it like a vortex of energy atop the head that opens upward meeting the upward flow at this center. This is the creative spirit of God that flows downward and meets our own rising energy. As these two streams of energy meet at the sixth chakra at the top of the head. They can then move downward spilling over into the pituitary center and then back downward to connect with the other centers. 
The point of the Lord's Prayer then is to invite this Kundalini force to rise upward within the body without awakening the soul patterns that are stored within the lower centers. So it calls upon the life force to bypass certain forms of negativity that are likely to be within the four lower centers.
How this Prayer Relates to Chakras (Energy Centers)
Our Father who art in Heaven – addresses the three upper chakras, the ones that are less involved in our daily material life consciousness. 
Hallowed be thy name - The Pituitary Center
Thy Kingdom come thy will be done - The Pineal Center 
In Earth - The Thyroid Center - referring to the four lower centers as a group. Now the prayer begins to address the four chakras and each case it affirms something positive. An antidote to the typical negativity that can reside in that spiritual center, It's a call to the Kundalini energy to move directly upward without getting entangled in that center with internal issues.
Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. - The reproductive center 
Lead us not into temptation - The adrenal or Solar Plexus Center - the cells of lytic
Deliver us from evil - Heart Center 
The prayer concludes with an affirmation that the creative energy has in fact reached the higher centers 
For thine is the kingdom - Thyroid Center
and the Power - Pineal Center
and the Glory Forever - Pituitary Center
How to Best use this Prayer for Meditation
"Feel" the meaning of each part of the prayer and hold that meaning in each particular chakra. This is not a magic formula but it does work for many people whenever we sincerely "feel the meaning of the words". This can be a powerful tool to use right at the beginning of a meditation. It attunes the center's giving direction to the Kundalini energy that awakens and intensifies as soon as we are still and quiet. Then we begin to focus attention inwardly.
How the Energy Flows among the Centers to Cleanse, Heal and Lift Vibrations
If the Lord's Prayer is used successfully allowing the life force to move directly from the reproductive center and cells of the lytic straight up to the pineal, and then pituitary gland, the energy then moves back down to the solar plexus chakra to the adrenal center where it works to cleanse, heal and lift vibrations. 
Most of us have a lot of healing work to be done in this center but not only is it a primary point in need of healing, it also serves as a dispersal point, a grounded power place within the body where the energy moved out to each of the other centers. 
The energy encircles the throat or voice chakra, lower abdomen chakra and root chakra each time returning to the solar plexus which is the distribution point. Once the energy begins to flow back downward from the top of the head back to the third chakra creating a pattern of flow that is somewhat like a figure eight with the cross over point at the solar plexus. 
The chakras are not only points for the life force and storehouses of soul memory patterns, but they are also instruments of knowledge and perception.  But what kind of knowledge do the chakras provide?  Not so much about the world around us because we have sensory organs for that. Our eyes, ears, and nose. 
The spiritual centers are receptors for knowledge about things in the mental and spiritual realms. The Cayce readings suggest a model that explains how psychic perception works. 
This is a theory that includes a key role in the chakra's normal perception of the physical world that involves the five senses we become consciously aware of. A portion of our sensory organs gets filtered out or ignored simply because we'd otherwise be overloaded with information.
But just as the physical body can receive impressions, so can the etheric body where sources are in the mental and spiritual worlds.
The chakras operate like tuning devices. They determine exactly what the finer physical body will receive in the way of information and impressions. 
Cayce suggests that we think of the analogy of radio as we make tuning adjustments we get different broadcast stations.
Not only are certain chakras especially receptive to particular types of psychic material, but the overall degree of balance and harmony among the chakras also creates an overall level of atonement for the finer physical body. 
There are countless sources of information from the mental and spiritual worlds. Some of it is reliable and useful, some it is confusing and misleading. When the spiritual centers are not balanced and healthy, disturbing psychic experiences can occur. 
When the body is physically healthy ESP is stronger. The condition of the chakras influence the body through the hormones of the endocrine centers. The condition of the body can have an influence back upon the chakras.
With disciplines to make the physical body more healthy, we affect the attunement level of the etheric body. By working to balance the physical body, the spiritual centers are brought into greater harmony and make it easier for the finer physical body to tune in to the highest sources of psychic awareness.
The glands that are tied into distinct forms of psychic perception are  as follows:
The thymus/Heart Center or fourth chakra is tied to telepathy. This sort of mind-to-mind communication has been shown to happen most readily between individuals where there is loving concern. 
The Adrenals/Solar Plexus the third chakra appear to be linked to mediumship. Mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.
The Thyroid/Throat/Voice or fifth chakra speaking in tongues, the remembrance of past lives
The Pineal/Top of Head or sixth chakra spiritual healing, one that is directed by the pituitary center but influenced by the other chakras.
Pituitary Center or the eye of intuition and the commanding center. The pituitary gland is known as the master gland because it acts as a main control center that sends messages to all the other glands from its two lobes, the posterior and the anterior.

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