"High Praise"
"Donna earns high praise from me!!! At 40-something I “was” a sporadic exerciser at best, yet I signed on to ride in the PMC, the challenging 192 mile cycling fundraiser . . . and then panicked! I contacted Donna via email in the very early morning hours and received a call back that day. She is a great listener, and reassured me that my goal could be met in the very few short months we had before the event. Donna designed a plan specifically for me! She helped me work out the kinks, overcome my limitations with ease, and develop a positive mindset; and she made it fun!!! Donna is extremely positive, has a “whole”-istic strategy to health and wellness, getting it done with patience and enthusiasm! She really turned this anti-gym, anti-workout person around. I use Donna’s techniques daily and feel like a new person. I’m very thankful I found her!!"  - Chris R.

"Love Ya Baby!!!"
I worked with Donna for 12 weeks and I have to say she has completely changed my life for the better. I feel stronger than I have in years," - Sylvie D

Everything about my program was awesome. Donna did a great job developing a program that worked for me. I am thrilled with my results and highly motivated to continue." - Sue M.

Absolutely Amazing!!!"
"If you are looking to make improvements to your life, your health and your attitude, I highly recommend giving Donna a call!!" - Karen G.

Donna is a true motivator, very professional and understanding. It has been a most positive experience." - Bonnie L.

"Donna Marchand is the best trainer. Bar None" -Curtis M.

"A Life Saver" 
"During my first meeting and fitness assessment with Donna, she advised me to see my doctor to re-check my blood pressure before training and although she was very polite about it, I got very mad at her and stormed out. But what she said to me was on my mind and when I went to the doctors a week later, he told me that my blood pressure was dangerously high and that If I did not get it taking care of, I would be in serious trouble with my health. I felt so bad about the way I reacted to Donna so abruptly,  I went back to the health club to apologize to her and then hired her to be my trainer. Thank you, Donna, you truly are a life saver to me." - John R..

"Thank you, Donna!" 
Thank you for your extreme knowledge of physical fitness. Your passion for the human spirit really motivated me. I am stronger and healthier because of your training." - Tricia P.
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