Do you feel like you are on an endless roller coaster with weight loss and gain?
If you are tired of being tired repeating unhealthy habits. Habits that no longer serve you well. 
If you feel emotionally drained, lonely, and like no one understands you or is really there for you? 
If you're so over the same old fitness programs out there and truly want to make a commitment to be fit for life once and for all.
If confidentiality and respect mean a lot to you, then this could very well be the program you've been searching for.
Whether you have difficult physical challenges or have had life throw you too many curve balls, SXr21 is the holistic and progressive periodization program to hit those curve balls out of the park.
There is a reason you landed here. Read on if you want to make a commitment to positively change your life.
Change the Ride. 
In other words, change your perspective and adjust your plan and build healthy habits. 
Being fit by design is the creative way to personally train your spirit mind and body. ​​​​​​​
Six inspiring training phases with six 21-day commitments to self-discovery and empowerment. That's 126 training days to be fit for life. 
Be your Best you!
SXr21 is an acronym for the Six remedial phases of holistically personal training to bring out the best in your talents and abilities. 
Each phase of training is a commitment of 21 days for a total of 126 days of personal training for your spirit, mind, and body.
Highly motivational periodization program with professional guidance and helpful expert coaching tools that can be utilized for personal and business use.  
Sxr21 has been called the sexiest health and fitness program you could design for yourself with expert guidance and coaching tools, and it is within your reach. 
Be more creative with solutions so you can maintain a healthy life balance with efficiency. Increase confidence as you gain strength and wisdom while having lots of fun each and every day.
If you want to be unstoppable you can learn how to create your own personal health and fitness blueprint. 
Expert guidance encompassing 20+ years of professional fitness training and life coaching awesomeness. 
Success in health and well-being is achieved by being educated,  disciplined,  creative, focused, and always aware of your spirit-mind-body connection.  
Understand how your heart and brain communicate to help you be more resilient instead of reactive to negative situations. Recover efficiently from exercise and avoid plateaus.
Gain control with self-discipline and understanding.
Master self-correcting techniques, and build healthier habits that serve your well-being. 
Never underestimate the power of your thoughts!  You can be fit by your design, learning the art of personal training from the inside out. 
After all, it is ultimately you who holds the course of your life.  
There are many beneficial resources and inspiration here to create your best course of action.
The best part of investing your time and money in the SXr 21 program is the tremendous value you will achieve from it. 
Coaching is available as needed by appointment. 
Questions are answered in the order in which they are received, within 24-48 hours. 
There are no excuses, and no if's, and or buts, about it, the word "can't" is not allowed here. be inspired
You absolutely can and you will manage tough challenges with solution-focused techniques designed to bring out the very best in your talents and abilities. 
Being fit by design is all about you, the one who can achieve outstanding results. - Carpe Diem
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